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The Greenway Plaza/Upper Kirby area is a prominent mixed-use urban development in Houston, Texas. Situated near the central business district, this area combines residential, commercial, and entertainment spaces, making it one of Houston's most dynamic and vibrant neighborhoods. Greenway Plaza is noted for its high-rise office buildings that house various corporations, while Upper Kirby is known for its upscale residential developments, trendy restaurants, and boutique shops.

With its blend of modern office towers, luxury apartments, and historic neighborhoods, the Greenway Plaza/Upper Kirby area represents Houston's diverse urban landscape. The area's accessibility, proximity to downtown Houston, and wide array of amenities make it an attractive location for businesses and residents alike.


Located southwest of Downtown Houston, the Greenway Plaza/Upper Kirby area is characterized by a mix of commercial high-rises and residential neighborhoods. The area's urban layout is designed to support a balance of work and leisure, with ample green spaces, pedestrian-friendly streets, and convenient public transportation options. The region experiences a humid subtropical climate, typical of Houston, with hot summers and mild winters.

This strategic location offers easy access to major Houston thoroughfares, including the Southwest Freeway and Westheimer Road, making it a convenient hub for commuting and exploring the city.


The Greenway Plaza/Upper Kirby area attracts a diverse group of residents and professionals. This includes young professionals, families, and individuals drawn to its urban lifestyle, cultural diversity, and upscale living options. The area's population is a mix of various ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds, contributing to its vibrant and cosmopolitan character.

The community in Greenway Plaza/Upper Kirby is active and engaged, with a variety of social, cultural, and recreational activities available in the neighborhood. The area's restaurants, shops, and galleries, along with its proximity to Houston's major cultural institutions, contribute to its reputation as one of the city's most desirable and lively places to live and work.

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